Phil first discovered his interest in the paranormal in his teenage years. Later with his wife and others they had met, he helped co-found a paranormal investigation group. It was during that time that he discovered his fascination with Electronic Voice Phenomena. He began to work with different audio programs and soon became the team's evp analyst. It was during this early time when Phil was introduced to Todd Bates and a young website that was to grow into what is now Haunted Voices Radio. Phil was asked to become the website's evp analyst and was soon analyzing evp for people and groups throughout the U.S. and even the UK. Phil found his love of doing talk radio when Todd began to occasionally ask him to co-host a show with him. That led to Phil regularly co-hosting."Now we do shows on all kinds of topics, and we have a variety of different guests," Phil says. "We're just as likely to be talking to a repo man or an actor as a paranormal investigator. It's a fun ride and it's only going to get better."